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2019-11-25 738 jason
  • 一年一度的天猫双11狂欢节即将来临,你们准备了几双手来剁?购物车添满了没?预定金付了没?最最重要的是,今年的双11谁来帮你11清空购物车嘞?

    The annual TMALL Double Eleven Shopping Carnival is coming, are you shopaholics prepared well? Did you fill your shopping cart?Have you paid the deposit? Most importantly, who will empty the cart for you?

    ~~Easy, easy, this year a mysterious friend will help you realize your Double Eleven’s wishes!

    Yes, our mysterious little friend is this“kitten claw”! – As the animation production house of this year’s warm-up activity of TMALL Double Eleven, VHQ initiated a good opening for the coming Double Eleven. This “kitten claw” inspires people for diversified wills. 
    这短短10s动画短片,如果不说寓意,实际看起来挺平常的。这样一部10s短片到底有何寓意?接下来为大家阐述一下吧!In just 10s animated short film, it actually looks nothing special without mentioning the implied meaning. So what’s the implied meaning of this 10s short film? Allow me to explain to everyone!



    Clients Requirements:The theme of this year “Double Eleven” is“wishes come true one by one”. The opening animation should reflect the 3 main sale points of good-looking, good price and fun, with Tianmao (the doll) help different users achieve their wishes as direction, showing the comparison of users’ behavior before and after the wish realization and the diversification of user types.



    Initial Stage of Inspiration Creation:In just 10s opening animation, how to guarantee the screen effects and smoothness of camera transition, complete and clearly present the core requirements without background music, the rhythm of animation becomes especially important, which is also an obstacle we need to conquer.



    Early Creative Stage:After the analysis of the setting style and texture, we created “kitten claws” helping users realize wishes as the structure. Under the premise of unified style, we designed separated setting for each main sale point: Double Eleven Night Gala, shopping mall, slot machine building, and the combined perspective scene of Ali economy building complex and TMALL store, which weakened the process of realization of wishes, but condensed into the“beautiful moments” of wish realization.



    Scenario setting:The theme of this year’s Double Eleven is: “wishes come true one by one”+ “Double Eleven Partner”. The main scenario of this short film is composed of 3 big scenes: “Live Concert”, “Shopping Zone “and “Game City”, in these 3 scenes,there are correspondent elements, such as trendy goods,billions of shopping coupons, Monopoly games, red packet rain, etc.,highlighting the features of good looking, good price and fun.


    Character design:In terms of character design, the first thing to consider was “trendy”+ “transformation”, finally we designed roles including geeks, sports buffs, travelers, fashion bloggers,trend setters, housewives.


    In the production, we used clustering technology to create hundreds and thousands of audiences and representative customers in shopping zone, and built nearly a thousand kinds of showcases for the business needs. Due to the complexity of the scene, it enhanced the difficulty for light setting, so all characters were lit in a separated scene, using main and side lights to create brightness and shadow, using different colors of backlights to create rim and profiles.


    Live concert,shopping zone,game city these 3 different scenarios, in the processing of different layers, characters, texts and goods are perfectly integrated mainly by comparison of big and small, colors, brightness difference, virtual and real, animation, etc. We added some particle magic glow for the details of images to make it more harmonious, such as: live concert is burst of brilliant lights, shopping zone is bright and fashionable downtown,game city is a crowded metropolis.

    在最初设定中,游戏都市共有多个种类的“猫”店铺,这些店铺组成了大富翁棋盘结构的繁华大都市。在片子结尾, 猫店长的猫店铺与繁华的经济体大楼形成鲜明的对比,通过前者的努力才能够打造出后者的繁荣。今年正是天猫双11创立的第11个年头,这也是本片的寓意所在。

    In the initial setting, game city has various types of “cat” stores, which constitute a bustling metropolis with checkerboard structure like Monopoly. At the ending, cat stores make a sharp contrast with the economy buildings,implying the prosperity of the latter is achieved by the hard work of the former one. This year is the 11th anniversary for Double Eleven, and which is also the deep meaning of this short film.


    The highlight of this film is modeling of thousands of characters, animations of “humans” and “cats”. Lighting rendering of massive character animations in one same scene, not only need to ensure the uniformity of the image but also need to guarantee the rendering quality. Due to the tight timeline, heavy task,this production difficulty is not just a challenge for VHQ team, but an unforgettable experience as well.天猫双11动画短片已上线,打开淘宝,即可观看。我们的“猫小手”悄悄问一句,今年的双11你准备剁几只手?

    TMALL Double Eleven animation film has launched online, you can watch it when you open Taobao. Little “kitten claw”whispers, how many hands are you prepared to be chopped (how many things areyou buying)?

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